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Prayer/Road Rally \ Blessing of the Backpacks \ Moe’s for Dinner

Hopefully by now you know that we will open for worship at 8:00 and 10:00 on Sunday, September 13th. Since that is normally a big deal for us as we kick off the new program year, and since we cannot have a Ministry Fair or lunch after church, we have planned something different: A PRAYER/ROAD RALLY! In this way we can spend time “together,” we will do a good thing for our community, we will start everyone into the fall with a prayer, and we have a tasty, easy dinner!

Here’s how it works:

OBJECTIVE: To lift up our community by stopping at different locations and offering prayer for the workers and/or their mission. (Example: Police Station, Sentara Leigh etc.).

HOW IT WORKS: Each car will be given a list of locations in the general area of EEC along with a prayer for each place. Participants will pick up their list around 3:40, then drive to the targeted location parking lot, take a picture/selfie/group shot or whatever, and then say the prayer provided or one of their own.

BLESSING OF THE BACKPACKS/ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Everyone will be expected back to church between 4:45-5:00, where we will park cars in every other spot in the Day School parking lot. Then we will let folks stand outside their cars (but no mingling!!), and we will bless backpacks/electronic devices or school supplies in groups of 4 cars. All students, teachers and administrators welcome!

MOE’S FOR DINNER: Moe’s will be back in our front parking lot, and you will be able to pick up dinner on your way out! Easy and fun! Plus 10% will go to outreach.

Rally: 3:45–4:45
Blessing: 4:45-5:15
Food: 5:15-6:30

You are welcome to participate in any one of these events or ALL of them. Be sure you order your dinner with Moe’s ahead of time (flyer attached), and we hope to see you there! If you plan to participate ONLY in the Moe’s pickup then please plan to arrive after 5:30.

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone will be expected to social distance and wear a mask!!